Vintage, or Just Old?


Vintage, a term thrown around these days in thrift shops across America. But what does this term mean? Are the garments you’re buying vintage, or are they just old? The Cambridge Dictionary defines Vintage as; something old of high quality and lasting value or showing the best characteristics typical of the person who created it. This is a pretty solid answer, but what exactly is “old” and what are “best characteristics?”

How old?

Apartment Therapy says for clothing to be considered vintage, they have to be at least 20 years old. Any clothing produced 100 years ago is considered antique. This means anything produced in 1998 or earlier can be considered vintage, and anything produced in 1918 or earlier is considered antique.

Era reflection?

So we have the year down – 1998 or older. We must also consider what the definition means by “best characteristics.” Just because you have an old garment doesn’t mean it’s vintage. A garment also must clearly reflect the era in which it was produced to be considered vintage. Some era pieces include:

1990’s: flannel shirts, overalls, windbreakers
1980’s: strong shoulder pads, stilettos, gold chains
1970’s: flared jeans, block heels, Platforms

Is it vintage?

There you have it! You have a vintage piece as long as it is was produced 20 or more years ago and it clearly reflects the era it was produced in.

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