The Cedar Myth


Cedar has been a long time go to for those who want to ditch chemically filled mothballs for a natural way to protect their garments against moth damage. Plastered around the internet as the best, and the only natural way to deter moths, some even spend thousands building closets made of center trying to keep their luxury garments in mint condition. But some speculation is starting to arise. Is cedar the cure-all for garment protection?


Cedar may be an effective method, but only for a short time. The fumes from cedar are only toxic to moths when at very concentrated levels. The fumes from cedar will quickly dissipate, leaving the garments in your closet unprotected from moths. Your custom cedar closet will be no match when fumes drop to a level that is no longer harmful to moths.


Many are turning to herbs such as lavender as a longer lasting moth deterrent! Cache~Cachet’s herbal sachets were custom made by an Oregon herbalist. The fresh fumes from six herbs protect garments stored in our garment bags and covers for one year. You no longer need to worry if cedar is doing the trick. Replace herbal sachets yearly, and your garment will be protected for life! All Cache~Cachet products come with one sachet(one year of moth prevention) and replacement sachets can be purchased individually in our shop.


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