How Often Should You Wash Your Clothing?

Washing Machine

Here at Cache~Cachet we believe that proper garment care leads to longer garment life. Longer garment life leads to more money in your wallet. More money in your wallet allows you to invest in higher quality wardrobe pieces.

Caring for your clothing starts in your laundry room. Over washing and drying your clothing causes unnecessary wear. In fact, most luxury materials such as cashmere and wool shouldn’t be dried at all. But what about washing? How often should you wash your clothing?

Daily Washing

Let’s start with every wear washing. If you happen to get food or drink on your clothing you should wash as soon as possible to decrease possible staining. Workout clothing and undergarments should also be washed daily as they are in direct contact with your body.

Every 1-2 Wears

Garments such as t-shirts and undershirts should be washed every 1-2 wears depending on how active you are, and how easily the material falls out of shape.

Every 4-5 Wears

Clothing such as button downs and blouses can go about 4-5 wears between washing.

Every Week

Outerwear office clothing such as blazers, skirts, and pants can go a week without needing to be washed. Jumpers can also last a week or longer without needing to be washed depending on your preference.

Once a Month

Believe it or not, your denim can last up to a month without needing to be washed. However, you may want to wash them more often to bring them back to shape.

Once a Season

Outerwear garments such as winter parkas and other over jackets can go an entire winter season without needing to be washed.


Combine these washing guidelines with proper garment storage and your wardrobe will last years longer!

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