Just Say NO To Plastic and Vinyl

We all have fallen victim to it. Bringing your freshly dry cleaned garments home and hanging them up in your closet with the plastic still around them. I’m not here to tell you this is the worst thing you could do, but it’s not the best.

Sure your garments will be protected from any dirt and dust, but garments need to breathe, just like you! Leaving your high-end garments trapped in anything made of plastic will buy you a one-way ticket to a future of mildew and mold. Storing garments in vinyl or plastic locks in humidity and moisture. This, in turn, creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to begin to grow. Not to mention the chemicals in these materials will begin to damage your garments when stored long-term.

You think you’ve tricked the system by storing your garments in vacuum sealed bags? Think again!

While these bags are great for maximizing storage, they will still bring damage to your garments. Vacuum sealing your garments can cause permanent creasing in some materials, especially Linen.

Finally, don’t even think about long-term garment storage in plastic bins! Not only are these just as bad as dry cleaning bags, most people pile their clothes in and store these bins in their garage. This wet environment is an incubator for mold!

Garments need to be stored in a dry, breathable area. This is crucial for long-term storage! Cache~Cachet’s line of garment bags and covers were designed to allow garments to breathe during storage. Their luxury linen is chemical free which creates the perfect environment for long-term, high-end garments storage!


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