Moth Damage!

Moth Hole In Sweater

Summers over – do you know where your sweaters are? Your cashmere hoodies and wool pullovers may have accidentally been stored in a haunted house… Garment eating moths Attack!

This winter, eliminate the damage done to your summer garments during the holiday season with proper storages practices.  

Cache~Cachet will spare your summer garments from being a moths snack this winter season. Our moth repelling herbal sachets will protect your garments with ease so you can enjoy all the holidays have to offer. Come spring, take your fresh and protected garment out of Cache~Cachet’s garment bag for a new year of use. Saving money and a shopping trip has never felt so good!

Make sure you wash and dry your garments before storing them in any of Cache~Cachet’s products to ensure the highest level of protection.

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