Caring For Your Water Damaged Suede

Suede Shoes

We all know how it feels – checking the weather, seeing sun in the forecast, slipping on our suede shoes, and then it begins. . . rain. It’s no secret that water and suede don’t mix, but fear not as water won’t damage suede so long as you know how to properly dry it. Follow these seven simple steps to properly dry your suede! 

Step 1

Take your time when drying suede as it is a delicate material!

Step 2

Let shoes dry at room temperature. Added heat from the sun or direct contact with a heater can cause the material to warp.

Step 3

Stuff shoes with paper or a shoe tree to ensure they keep their shape as they dry.

Step 4

Blot shoes with a towel to absorb excess water. ONLY BLOT! DO NOT WIPE! Rubbing the shoes with the towel can harm the suede.

Step 5

Once dry, use a soft bristle brush (a toothbrush will work) to revive the hairs. *DO NOT try and brush or remove stains while wet as it will damage the suede fibers.

Step 6

Use a suede eraser to rid of any remaining stains.  

Step 7

Apply a suede protectant spray to avoid future water damage.


Once dry, store your suede in a dry, breathable area. This is especially crucial for long-term storage! Cache~Cachet’s line of garment bags and covers were designed to allow clothing to breathe during storage. These bags are the perfect solution for all storage needs!


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