Product Care

How to clean & care for your garment bags

It is important to replace the herbal sachet annually to insure clothing is safe from moth damage.

Care for the garment bags and garment covers:

Garment Bags

  • Take the herbal sachets out of the garment bags hidden pockets
  • Wash garment bags in cold water by hand
  • Lay the garment bags flat to dry.
  • Iron very carefully to not touch the plastic with the iron.

Garment Covers

  • Gently wash garment covers by hand in cold water.
  • Lay flat to dry.
  • We suggest having a trusted cleaners to iron the garment covers or steam press but not to touch the plastic

You will seldom need to wash these garment bags and covers.

The Importance of caring for your clothing and accessories

We have presented you with the ultimate clothing, storage, and travel garment bags and covers. Please note that moths don’t generally adhere to clean clothes. It is the food that may linger on your garments that attract the moths to lay the larvae eggs on you garments. It is the larvae that proceed to eat and destroy your garments. Before storing your garments for a long period of time wash or dry clean your garments thoroughly. After the garments are cleaned feel free to store you garments in either the garment bags or garment covers.