Natural Protection

Large and Small Garment Bag

Welcome to our new website! As we begin to settle into things, we want to take a moment to share not only what Cache~Cachet has to offer, but also what we stand for as a business.

As a company, Cache~Cachet believes all your garments should be stored in a safe, natural environment. We offer 5 different garment bags and covers to accommodate all your clothing. From sweaters to gowns, we can guarantee your items will be safe for years to come.

Cache~Cachet holds the health of our earth close to our hearts. Our garment bags are all natural, eco-friendly and chemical free. Our sachets are filled with lavender, rosemary, wormwood, peppermint and black pepper. This herbal blend naturally keeps your garments moth free and smelling fresh.

Storing your garments in Cache~Cachet’s protected environment will extend the life of your garment much longer than it would in traditional storage. This will not only make your wallet happy, you will also be helping to cut down on the pollution and waste from the production of fast fashion.

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