Q: How long do the herbs work before I need to insert a new refill?

We recommend you replace the herbal sachet on an annual basis.

Q: Why fabric bag verses plastic better for my possessions?

Fabric allows the enclosed garment to breathe, and reduces the chance of moisture to build up inside something like a vacuum storage bag.

Q: Tried other thingsā€¦ will Cache~Cachet really keep the moths from laying their larvae?

Yes, the unique blend of herbs included in the sachets deters the moth from laying eggs.

Q: What does wild crafted organic herbs mean?

Commercial organic herbs are grown on licensed herb farms with no pesticides or fungicides; wild crafted herbs are grown in the wild and harvested by hand.

Q: How do I send in a product review?

We welcome all comments and reviews. Please send to info@cachecachet.com